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Meet Dr. Breanna Reeser

Health Behavior Change Specialist, certified yoga instructor, and Exercise Physiologist with over 10 years of experience helping clients using exercise and habit changes to reduce weight and control their health concerns. She is the owner of Stop Starting Over LLC where she coaches individual clients through personalized health programs and also consults with executive and private groups to improve their coaching results using behavior change theory. She has lectured on behavior change theory in universities and conferences internationally, including Chiang Mai University in Thailand, Hanoi Medical University in Vietnam, Arizona State University’s Integrated Behavioral Health Conference, and the International Summit on Social and Behavior Change Communication in Indonesia. She is passionate about connecting the emotional, physical, and behavioral aspect of health and values empathy as the most important skill to exhibit.


Ph.D. in Integrated Behavioral Health for Health Behavior Change

MS in Healthcare Innovation

BS in Kinesiology

Innovative Approach

“You can have a mastery of your skillset and all the knowledge in the world, but if you do not have the capacity to communicate it in a way that sustainably changes someone, you have nothing at all.”


ACSM Exercise Physiologist 

Fascial Stretch Therapy

Postural Restoration Therapy

Yoga Alliance Teacher

If you have found yourself scratching your head and nodding along to words you don't understand while at your doctor's appointments, you are not alone. Most of the words used in medicine speak actually come from Latin, and about 12% of the US population struggles with...

From Free 15-minute Call to Happy, Paying Client; A Fool-proof Method

Many successful influencers, coaches, business owners, and content creators give away something for free. Look up any one of your favorite inspirational leaders and you will see free content on their website or social media page. Why is that? Can it work for you? If...

Summertime Travel- How To Stay Healthy

 Summer is fast approaching and vacation time is just around the corner. How do you plan to stay healthy during the business and leisure of travel you have planned this season? If you are like most, this has not crossed your mind, but if you are traveling with a...

Transform Your Health In Just 90 Seconds A Day With Cold Therapy

 I recently went to my first Wim Hof workshop and took the plunge into a metal basin filled with 33-degree ice water! Why did I do that? I wanted to challenge myself and learn first-hand how ice baths and cold therapy have been helping people cope with chronic...

What works for long-term health success

If you took all the energy you put toward hating your body and instead directed toward changing it you would be amazed at the results! Fox News recently reported on the best ways to lose weight and found that dieting does not work! Shocking I...

How decreasing stress can add years to your life

What is stress? Stress is emotional, physical, and cellular with effects on all systems of the body. We feel stress in our temples, in our shoulders, in our low backs, in our gut, and in our disrupted cognitive patterns (loss of sleep, imbalanced emotions, brain fog)....

Tips on Nailing That Perfect Alignment in Your Yoga Practice

Is Perfect Alignment Necessary for Your Yoga Practice? We had this very discussion about the importance of practicing and teaching perfect alignment during my Yoga Teacher Training (200-hour) in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Is it important to have very good or near perfect...

Active Intentional Rest- the brain-break you need to fight off burn-out

As I transition out of corporate/structured work and into Entrepreneur life, I am battling some big emotional upsets. My sense of self and my balance/peace/validation are being tested over and over again. I am redefining my life, and it is scary. Questions plage me...

Life after weight loss: What’s next for your fitness?

So, you have lost the weight, that is amazing, and you should be very proud of yourself, but now what? Many people struggle with finding purpose in their exercise routine the closer they get to their ultimate goal weight. It is no surprise, it makes a...

My Keto Experiment

I have recently performed a biohacking experiment on myself where I ate high in fat and very low in carbohydrates between December 2017 and May 2018. I wanted to see for myself what ketogenic diet can do for my health. Now the results are in, and I can't wait to share...

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