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Are You A Coach That Wants To Accelerate Your Impact?

If you have been looking for a way to take your clients from conversations to action while re-energizing your passion for driving change, you are in the right place!




You have the knowledge, skill, and desire to help people live better lives, now all you need is the proven method to turn talk into action.



The Skills You Need To Engage Your Clients and Empower Them To Change

Skill #1

Build Trust

Quickly recognize and easily understand the unique barriers that each client faces to begin crafting a solution that is perfectly right for each situation (includes developing a sense to understand social, cultural, and economic barriers).

Skill #2

Master Change Theory

Understand aversions to change, when to push and when to let go so that you give just the right amount of nudge while preserving the relationship (includes methods from the Transtheoretical Model of Change).

Skill #3

Progress Actions

Meet your clients where they are at each step and stop wasting time on the wrong goals. Invest more time into creating collaborative conversations and find out exactly what goals to set that will sustain change (includes methods from Motivational Interviewing).

Benefits of Certification


More career fulfillment, improved relationships with clients, greater sense compassion and empathy for clients, improved sense of control within coaching conversations, improved collaboration between coaches and clients, improved coaching statistics due to improved outcomes, and the satisfaction of seeing clients reach their goals. 


Improved decision-making, empowerment with positive change, less tension, fear, ambivalence, and discourse during change discussion, a greater sense of respect from their coach, greater buy-in with programming, and way more motivation to take on their goals.


Program efficiency, increased coach productivity, improved client outcomes, improved client satisfaction, improved coaching employee satisfaction, improved client adherence to programming, all leading to increased profit margins.

Still Wondering If Our Courses Will Bring You Value?

See what our clients say about our coaching style:

“This is the best health coach that I have worked with. She is caring, patient and inquisitive. She made sure I had the right information and the right set of tools to be successful, and help me avoid potential pitfalls. She helped me adapt and created workarounds that were both easy and tasty. She asks questions that demonstrated caring and made it clear she’s keeping my goals in mind. I like that her focus is not just on diet but also on the whole body experience. I am so glad that I chose her as my health coach. 10/10 would do again.”


Mark Plissken

Exercise and Nutrition Client

“I could not recommend enough!! She has a wealth of knowledge and training within a clinical setting that she applies in ways that are effective and understandable, but most importantly, her knowledge is complemented by her wisdom. It is apparent that she is deeply intuitive and able to apply her knowledge to the physical body while also connecting to the mind and spirit.”
Haley Westmorland

Yoga Teacher/ Empathy Coach Client

“If it weren’t for (my health coach) I would not be here today. I have always struggled with weight and chronic illnesses, but they never made me feel like there was too much to fix. They went above and beyond when I was diagnosed with cervical cancer. They did a lot of research to help me stay alive when the doctors said there was nothing they could do. They didn’t didn’t give up on me even when I wanted to. We fought together and now I am cancer free.”

Roxanne Camp

Exercise and Nutrition Client