Book: Let People LIe

Coaching Trauma Informed

Let People Lie is more than a new book, it is a philosophy and a dream. It is all my years of experience in helping people change health-related behaviors, working within the health insurance world, and participating in the health system as a patient and advocate, rolled into one narrative and topped with insightful anecdotes.

Let people Lie simply means that, no matter what someone chooses to tell you about their current barriers and struggles with health, choose to believe them. When we approach hurting and sick people with compassion, respect, and collaboration, big things happen. This is a story of how I rediscovered my love for people under all the jaded cynicism I picked up in health work and learned the art of empowerment.

About SSO Health

Where it started

Our greatest passion is helping people discover ways to change sustainably so that they may continuously make progress and stop starting over. Over the years, this mission that began as a pilgrimage to help sick people overcome health crisis morphed into a business built on empowering any and all coaching professionals with tools and resources to sustain in their careers. The world needs more people passionate about change, SSOHealth makes that passion sustainable for both client and coach.

Hi! IM Dr. Breanna Reeser

~Behavior Change Expert & Relationship Coach~

“Clients face overwhelming obstacles when trying to make positive changes. I created a new solution with a proven communication style to help clients troubleshoot barriers and effect change!My greatest hope is that you, the coach reading this, will take the skills I worked tirelessly to refine and use them to improve the health of the world!”

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