Start Your Independent Coaching Business

Using Our Check List and Tools:

 Get Visionary!

1. Write Out Your Mission Statement – what will your business do?

2. Write Out Your Vision Statement- what do you want to happen for people (society) as a result of what your business does?

3. Write Out Your Tag Line- one inspiring sentence that sums up your mission and vision

Create A Brand & Get Organized

1. Pick A Color Palate- Choose a few colors to represent your brand. Choose a lighter color, a darker color, and a neutral accent. Remember to write down the Hex code # so that you can give that to marketing or branding freelancers.

2. Choose A Name – Go through a naming session. Write out all the words that describe the way you will solve a problem. Look up synonyms, alternatives, and make sure that it tells your clients what you do.

3. Design A Logo- Do it yourself using Figma and FlatIcon, or jump on Fivrr and get a logo made for cheap. Make sure you ask for a vector file, an icon, and a banner for facebook and other social media you will use.

Get Legal

1. Register your business as a Limited Liability Company (LLC) with your state.

3. Open a business bank account with your LLC and EIN, then commit to routing all of your expenses through that account.

4. Create a business profile through PayPal and Venmo, then link your business bank account to it.

5. Download Wave App and Wave Receipts to track all of your business transactions for ease of reporting taxes

5. Get coverage for when things go wrong. Personal Liability Insurance is just a few dollars a year and can protect you from all the big scary things that probably won’t happen (get it anyway).

Create A Program

1. Cohesive programs (or packages of your services) allow you to scale up and reach more people so that you can broaden your impact!

2. Answer These Questions: What problem will you solve? What will you offer? How will you deliver that (online course, telephonic calls, in-person visits?).

3. Write out the consumer experience: How will they find you, how will they sign up, how will they pay, how will they receive their services, and how will you get them to leave a good review?

4. Operationalize It: Get ready to add this text and some tools to a website as a program page. You will need a way to schedule appointments, be thinking about how to do that as well.

Pro Tip: If you are an exercise professional, try True Coach. You can design your exercise programs on the platform and push it out to an app that your clients can access for free. Great way to scale up your business.

Design A Program Process Map

Bundle your coaching services into scalable programs with better results to reach more people. Click here to download the process I use to take my skills from single service encounters to larger dollar comprehensive programs.

Get Noticed

1. Design A Quality Website Up: Write the “Copy”, stay with the color palate, keep it simple, Have a landing page, a schedule, and a blog. My Recommendation: WordPress with Divi Builder Theme, or take your best shot at what you want and then finish it off with the help of a developer/designer that you commission off UpWork.

2. Build A Social Presence: Here is my rule: Facebook for events, IG for brand recognition. DO NOT DEVIATE from your vision, mission, and solutions. If it does not speak directly to what you do as a brand, DO NOT POST IT!


Copywriting Worksheet

Turn your ideas into cohesive and easy to understand landing pages that engage and empower clients with the right information. Click here to download the copywriting worksheet I use to build all of my client-facing materials; from websites to emails. 

Put Up A Sales Funnel

1. Make sure you have a call to action and email capture on the landing page header.

2. Have a free option. We want to help everyone, so tired approach is best! Free blog content, video content on YouTube, or free courses are great ways to let people know what you do and get a taste of what else you have to offer.

3. Have a middle option: have a paid version of your offering that is mid-range. This can be an e-book, a short version of your offering, or an introductory version of your offering.

4. Have a high paid option: If you are putting in the real-time effort, one-on-one with someone, this should be the most expensive option. Not everyone will be able to afford this, but your skills and time are worth it.

Sample Welcome Email

Outline a perfect email complete with the right information for when new clients sign up for programs. Click here to download the formula I use to build welcome emails that I automat and send to new clients who sign up with me for coaching programs.

Have Processes and Protocols

Schedule out your time: When will you work on blogs? When will you work on social outreach? When will you work on developing your program? What other things go into making your specific brand of coaching work? Networking? Podcasting?

1. What is your process for re-engaging no-show clients?

2. What is your process for tracking client progress?

3. What is your process for documenting client encounters?

4. What is your process for when a client graduates? Next steps?


Process Templates

Coaching Call Work Flow

Keep productive and on-time with the free 15-minute new client call. Never run over on time again. Click here to download the workflow process I currently use with my new clients. 

Intake Google Forms Template

Record, organize, trend, and create reports from all client information collected during encounters using google forms. Click here to see the intake form I have built and currently use with my clients.

Automate and Delegate

1. Know when to ask for help with all of this stuff! You do not need to know it all or do it all yourself. You are a great coach, that is your job. Use a freelancer for the rest.

2. UpWork is good for long-term project freelancers like web design and web development.

3. Fivrr is good for one time projects like logos, copy, PDFs, marketing materials, and graphics.

Become Behavior Change Coach Certified


Learn how to engage and retain clients while creating lasting behavior change

with my coach curriculum and certification.


Take Care Of Yourself In The Process

Starting a business is hard work! You may find yourself working long hours for no pay at first. My Advice for you is to focus on the small things that you can do for yourself during the process.

Drink Water (instead of just coffee).

Brush Your Teeth and wash your face (Yeah, I know you forgot that).

 Get sleep (No, seriously, GO TO BED).

 Get sunlight, movement, social time, and fun also.

 Have faith in your mission, vision, and goals. When stuff doesn’t fall right into place, have perseverance and resilience. Believe in yourself! You are doing just fine.

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Watch the Document Tutorial 

Once you have downloaded the documents, watch this free 30-minute tutorial on how to use them.