Many successful influencers, coaches, business owners, and content creators give away something for free. Look up any one of your favorite inspirational leaders and you will see free content on their website or social media page. Why is that? Can it work for you? If so, what should your free offering be? Maybe consider offering a free 15-minute call. Here is why:


Running an online, telephonic, or even an in-person health program takes a bit of marketing. One way to do that is to offer a free 15-minute call to people interested in your service. Seems like a no-brainer, right? That is until you spend 45 minutes of your 15-minute call trouble-shooting someone just to have them decline the paid service at the end anyway. I have really struggled with the free 15-minute call offering in the past. I made the usual mistakes that never lead to happy paying clients of giving too much information up front and letting the call drag on for way over the limit with no added value. Why did I fall into that trap over and over again for years? Because I am an empath! I started this coaching gig because I genuinely love and want to help people. I can’t help but sit on the phone and listen endlessly on the first touch while I try to meet their every need in a panic. Or can I? It took me a while, but I finally realized that, as much as I wanted the people on the other end of the call to feel valued and heard, I wasn’t helping them. I was actually wasting my time and theirs. I had to revisit what precisely the free 15-minute call was for and then put into place a specific process to support that so that I would stay on track and make every minute count. I have a killer curated method for client success, but it starts on the first paid call for a reason (reasons that include valuation leading to success and other behavioral economics principals that we won’t get into here).

Let’s start with what a free 15-minute call should not be:

  • It should not be longer than 14 minutes and 55 seconds.
  • It should not be a shorter, rushed version or preview of a paid service.
  • It should not be where you plan to capture in-depth client information.
  • It should not be loose, unstructured, or chaotic.
  • It should not end without a clear decision for the next step.



So now that we have all the “don’ts” out of the way. What in the world should you do in a free 15-minute call? What is the point of a free 15-minute call anyway?

  1. To generate interest– Free stuff tends to bring people to your offerings (website, email list, social media, events). Think of it in terms of improving access to your service. Your offering is meaningful and valuable, and people will benefit from it. Giving a free consultation will allow you to bring this in front of many more potential clients.
  2. To validate leads– Now that you have the potential clients, you will want to spend less time on clients that will not vibe with your service and more time with those who will. You can do that in a short survey on your website as well, but spending a quick call weeding out the rest will save you wasted time on people who won’t commit or produce quality outcomes in the future.
  3. To explain your service and gain traction– If it is a good fit, you now have a few minutes to represent your service and brand. This is your time to shine and (quickly) explain why your offering is so beneficial.
  4. To convert interest into paying clients– At the end of the day, you cannot do the critical work of your offering sustainably if you cannot feed yourself in the process. Imagine being so abundant in your ability to offer your services that you didn’t have to do a second hustle or a 9-5 in addition! It would free you up to do the work you love in a way that is truly life-life-changing for your clients. Money isn’t everything, but it is essential to keeping your offering alive.

That is a lot to get accomplished in a short amount of time, but it is doable, and it is a valuable tool to have. Spend some time developing exactly what should be covered in your free 15-minute call well before you decide to offer it, and then stick to that process. Having trouble getting your thoughts together on what to cover during this short time or how to effectively convert interested people into happy and paying clients? We have you covered with our Coaching Call Template! Our template is created using evidence-based psychology principals to be perfectly aligned with our coaching strategy and to produce the most efficient client engagement and positive outcomes. Test drive it for free on your next free 15-minute call and let us know what you think!