Get Certified! Here’s Why:

Coaching as a profession is blowing up! Health coaches, performance coaches, life coaches, sports coaches, business coaches, breathing coaches, lifestyle coaches, you name it and there is someone who knows it and wants to help you do it. We LOVE this! If health is a grass-roots effort (and we think it should be), then coaches are the wildflowers in the prairie with a combination of education and real, lived experience. Coaches are making a huge difference in the way we eat, rest, exercise and live healthier, more mindful and more fulfilled lives. It’s awesome!



Stronger and more dynamic relationships with coaching clients. Less ambivalence, less resistance, and more collaboration.

Higher client engagement and investment into your programs, leading to better results and more profitable coaching business.

An increase in career fulfillment, reduction in burn-out, and an improved sense of control within coaching sessions.

Less waste in time, money, energy, and effort on things that do not produce results and more clarity and focus on the skills that do.

In This Course, You Will Learn

  • Many of the secrets that large coaching companies use to educate their staff for optimal coaching outcomes
  • How to build trust, respect, autonomy, and empowerment into your coaching relationships 
  • The most effective uses of communication to produce results without causing strain, shame, or client burn-out
  • What motivates clients to engage in and sustain behavioral changes, including the major benefits of being collaborative and empathetic
  • How to keep your clients on track with their goals and progression schedule
  • How to look for, understand, and troubleshoot social, cultural, economic, religious barriers and challenges
  • How to create roadmaps and appropriate goals for change at every stage of progress for client’s individual needs
  • How to assess the stage of change your client is in and how to communicate optimally for each stage of change

The Best Part of This Course Is That: 

  • All Skills are Evidence-Based psychology principals that come with easy to remember printable tools.
  • Skills can be used to improve any relationship, including personal relationships and family relationships.  
  • You can study at your own pace and learn at any time that suits your schedule.
  • You can study anywhere that you can get an internet connection.
  • You will earn a cutting-edge certification in a skill that clients really value

Certification FAQs

  • Q: Who Is Eligible For Certification? A: Anyone! Anyone who is interested in helping people be better versions of themselves, but it is especially recommended for medical professionals and health coaches.
  • Q: What Can I Legally Do With My Certification? A: Anything that is currently covered in your professional license (if your skill requires a license). This course is designed to improve the impact of your existing expertise but does not cover you against liability for things outside of your current scope of practice. 
  • Q: Does This Certification Count for Continuing Education Units? A: Depending on your education need, this course may count for CEUs and CMEs! Contact us regarding which organization you are interested in receiving credit for and check back on our website for partnership updates coming soon. 

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