Behavior Change Coach Certifications

Behavior Change Coach: Level One

This course will teach you how to inspire and empower your clients toward action. This course provides insights on how to use core techniques in this behavior change to create a highly impactful medical strategy or coaching career. Interested candidates will learn about empathy-based communication and how it reduces barriers to change while enriching the relationships you have with patients and clients. Medical professionals and coaches of all kinds are more effective at helping people overcome challenges and problems to reach desired outcomes using our techniques.


Our level one content is great for Doctors, Nurses, and medical staff looking to improve motivational interviewing skills, but even better for independent coaches looking to grow their coaching business! Just jump over to our three-part courses and start using behavior change now!

Course Details

Course Host: SSOHealth

Location: Online Home Study

Duration: 6 hours

Cost: $329 USD

Compatibility: All modern browsers

Additional Info

Qualifications: Open to all medical and coaching professions. Recommended specifically for health and wellness related fields.

Exam Fee: Free with course registration

Additional Materials: Workbook Included

Course Access: Lifetime

Behavior Change Coach: Level Two

Take Your Skills To The Next Level

Master the content in Level 2 Certification with real-time skills development and practice. Work 1:1 with a Certified Empowerment Coach Trainer who will help you dive deeper into using this skill effectively. Ideal for individual coaches or groups of coaches who are ready to put this skill to work for them and see real lasting change happen through their work. 

Course Details

Course Host: Webinar/Telephonic

Location: Online/Telephonic

Duration: 5 hours over 4 weeks + Individual practice sessions

Cost: Please Contact Us For Pricing

Compatibility: All modern browers

Additional Info

Qualifications: Must have completed Level One Empowerment Coach Certification.

IT Requirement: must have the capability to record coaching calls or patch Coach Trainer into live calls for audits 

Certification Fee: Free with the package

Certification Duration: Lifetime



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How Do I Get A Taste Of This Magic?

Not ready to jump into a certification but want more information about how this coaching style can benefit you, your clients, or your coaching business? We have options for that too!

Book A Lecture

Time Commitment: 1-2 hours.

Great for introducing the concepts of behavior change theory to large and diverse groups like universities, conferences, conventions, and corporate events.

Book A Workshop

Time Commitment: 4+ hours.

Perfect for larger groups who have an idea of behavior change theory but want to dive into skill building a little more. In-person and web-based workshops available.