Okay, it’s real, I am going!

The quick background:

It is nearly 2 am on a Tuesday morning and I have just completed my presentation slides and poster for Arizona State University’s Global Development Research (GDR) Scholar program event. Earlier today I finished a final in Health Information Management, wrapped up that course, had a planning meeting with South East Asia’s Exercise Is Medicine Developer, got a bunch of travel vaccinations, and then did a very sloppy dry run of the GDR presentation with my team.  My arm ACHES from the tetanus shot. My stomach aches from the stress. My eyes are probably bloodshot, and I have to be up early tomorrow to go quit my full time job (that I love). What that heck am I up to? Not so simply put….. I AM MOVING TO VIETNAM (for 4 months)!

As you probably already know, I am a PhD student in the Doctor of Behavioral Health program, and I need an internship so I can graduate next May. Around November of 2016 I was presented with an opportunity to apply for an internship in South East Asia to study Integrated Behavioral Health for disease prevention. Fast forward through six months of extensive project designing, grant funding losses and then new grant offers, late night research, long Wednesday crash courses in developing countries, 100 cups of coffee, and sometimes tears…. and now you are all caught up (mostly). I am presenting my project to stakeholders in just about 34 hours, and then I will be on a plane to conduct research at Hanoi Medical University in Vietnam in just 90 days! That may sound like I have plenty of time, but there is still so much to do! (Insert nervous eye twitch)

Moving Forward:

I will be chronicling my experience as a Global Development Scholar and PhD Student right here on this blog. This will help me remember all the great and hard work that will go into this reality. It will help me stay connected to all of my loved ones who are staying state side (which is everyone) and who will be holding down the fort until I return in December.  #GDRHanoiDiaries

What Will I Be Doing There?

Glad you asked. I would love to have a room filled with all of you when I present on my project in 34 hours, but alas, I am only afforded one “plus one”. Instead, I have attached this very snazzy poster for your viewing pleasure! This is a high-level overview, but I will elaborate as it gets closer and begins to unfold.

Thank you so much for being interested in this with me and for being my support on this crazy mission. I am so fortunate to have this opportunity and best believe I will not waste it!