The only thing that stays the same is that something always changes!

What has changed since my last post? a BUNCH!

New Job! – I am about two weeks into my position as Project Management Intern at the state level healthcare regulator, Arizona’s Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS). Day two I got to sit at the table (thanks for the recommendation to “Lean In” Sheryl Sandberg!) at a stakeholder meeting that I would not have been invited to previously! That is my measure of success; I know that I am making progress when I am sitting at the table discussing ideas with healthcare leaders, experts in their fields. Besides sitting at the table with boss health catalysts, I am getting into the weeds of the Targeted Investments Program as I edit the policy, the FAQs, the slide presentations, and the website. I am so excited to help this roll out! It is a $300 million initiative for providers (Behavioral, Primary care, Hospitals and Justice systems) to integrate their practices. Basically CMS is giving AHCCCS money to give to MCOs to give to providers (pass through payment) when they co-locate and collaborate with each other to reduce costs, improve care coordination and improve outcomes. That is my jam! Love it! Find out more info here:

New Opportunity!- I am going to DC at the end of May! ASU’s Global Development Research (GDR) department has asked me to join them and represent them at the Society for International Development (SID) conference this year. I have also been chosen to be the representative of the whole program for this year and will keep connectivity for all of our GDR 2017 scholars as they trot the globe and do amazing things!

GDR program info here:

SID conference info here :

News for Vietnam- USAID has decided to fund me again! Now that my budget is not coming directly from ASU, I am free to flex it a bit. I can add days, add budget items and upgrade a few things. I will likely now be going for 5 months, from late July to middle December. I am now getting the rest of my vaccines covered and, fingers crossed, they may pay me for cultural appropriate attire (Shopping Spree!). Start the count down….

New Dissertation Direction- I just started my next dissertation writing/planning course. Of curse it is during summer to get geared up from Vietnam, of course it is an expedited 14 weeks of Ph.D level writing crammed into 7 weeks.. wheeee! I believe that I have settled on my topic and I am excited to share it. The direction as of now is “What is the value of creating a database of population health programs for use in Integrated Healthcare?” – That will allow me to do preliminary research on how population health programs are tracked here, as well as in Vietnam. It will allow me to pick a direction on how to track programs in Vietnam and it will allow me to comment on what should be tracked, how and for what reasons.

That is it for now. I know, you are disappointed that I am so boring and mundane.

Thanks for tuning in for the update! #GDR2017 #HanoiDiaries #USAID2017 #SID-DC2017