“Treat your body like it belongs to someone you love.”

We all go through periods of low motivation at some point. It is a season, a time in our lives, but not a defining trait. We may tell ourselves terrible things during these times, and that only adds to the problem. I know I get down on myself when I am disappointed with my motivation or my performance, but it only serves to make me less motivated. Sometimes I go through my collection of motivating quotes and revisit my reasons for keeping up. I saw this quote outside of a health food store years ago, and it has stuck with me ever since. Would I treat myself differently if I truly thought I was worth loving? That is a powerful question to ask.

Why do we lose motivation?

Parents of older children say that it’s hard for them to find meaning and motivation in their lives after their kids have grown up. Others say similar things in different ways that all boil down to the same inner dialogue; “I don’t feel like anybody is counting on me anymore.” That is a definite motivation killer isn’t it? If you lose your work out partner, your motivation for exercise may dwindle. If your work performance is not a part of a team then your productivity may decline. If you are used to running after kids and now there is no one calling your name in the morning, you may feel like just staying in bed all day. But I have news for you, someone is counting on you. YOU ARE COUNTING ON YOU! Your body is counting on you to get up and to live a healthy, fulfilled life.

If you ever feel like nobody is counting on you, then you must remind yourself that you are counting on you. In the times that we are compelled to have self doubt and negative self talk, learn to stop it. Time spent in negativity is wasted. We don’t have to just survive life, we can thrive and we get to thrive. Your body is counting on you to thrive.

Pretend with me that you are two things: a physical “you” and a non-physical “you”. What kinds of changes in perception would happen If you realized that the physical you depends on the non-physical you for lots of things? Would you wake up each morning and take an inventory of what your body, the physical you, needs? How would your life be different if you started to prioritize your physical health needs? Would you keep a list of things that your body depended on you for?

Okay body, physical me, here is what I am going to prioritize today:

  • Food and water for fuel instead of just for taste
  • Movement for bone, muscle and joint health
  • Stillness for stress relief
  • Self Validation in the form of positive self-talk

I know I need more positive self-talk and more empowering self-talk in my life. Couldn’t we all use someone to follow us around reminding us about our good aspects? Maybe it is time that we start doing that for ourselves! Okay, I will start. “I am good, I am capable and I am strong. I am worth the time it takes to exercise and eat healthy. I am loved, even if just from myself.” Now it is your turn!