Sunday is food prep day!

Saturdays we spend meal planning, taking an inventory of our fridge and grocery shopping so that we can meal prep for the week.

Meal planning and prepping is essential for good nutrition on a busy schedule. I’m sure you guys can sympathize with me when I say that I am busy! We all have what keeps us busy during the week whether it be work, kids, illnesses, struggles, stress or usually a combination of all the above. I don’t have time to cook food each day for me and my family, and I’m sure you don’t either. Even if I did have the time, it is exhausting work! We try to make it as simple and fool proof during the week as possible by doing all the pre-planning on the days we have off. Here at our house we do a few things each week to set us up for nutritional success. These are the things that we try to do in bulk each Sunday:

Prep for breakfast

  • Hot cereal- enough for all for all three of us for a week. We keep it in a big glass container in the fridge for us to pull from. (7 grain or oatmeal)
  • Fresh fruit that can be easily thrown into the cereal like berries, grapes, bananas

Prep for lunch

  • A vegetable-rich soup- portioned into 8 oz mason jars
  • A high protein grain or bean- portioned into 8 oz mason jars
  • A pre-portioned salad in mason jars with almond slices and hemp seeds

Prep for dinner

  • Make a list of possible meal ideas for 5 days, make sure you have all the ingredients- we keep the list on a whiteboard in the kitchen
  • Pre-cut and steam veggies for quick sides
  • Have an easy “cheat” option- we have a Kashi frozen pizza we keep around and use if we just don’t want to cook. Saves us from ordering a more greasy fast food pizza or stopping to get fast food
  • One main dish meat that can be used in a variety of different ways; Think baked and chopped chicken for a quick chicken stir fry, salad, tacos or pasta addition.

Prep for snacks

  • 1 dozen hard boiled organic eggs
  • Trail Mix- sugar-free if you can
  • Hummus and sliced veggies (bell peppers, cauliflower, carrots)
  • Olives, pickles and other pickled veggies for healthy low cal options
  • Hard cheeses or string cheeses