After the recent post regarding the movement “Exercise Is Medicine”, I was approached by a friend and fellow health enthusiast, Therese Paul  M.S., RD, CPC, to guest speak on her internet radio show. We put our heads together and decided that the topic of “Exercise is Medicine” was one that needed to be covered again, this time with a voice on a radio show. She came up with some great questions about the movement and the science behind it. I was able to chat about what “Exercise Is Medicine” is all about and how important it is for the future of healthcare. The whole experience was great. Therese was very accommodating and speaking with here was fun and easy, even with the giant microphones and the thought of hearing myself talk. Please take the time to visit the website Therese has and her radio show online. There is a wealth of topics covering health, nutrition, recipes and fitness.  The best part is that you can listen at your leisure when it is convenient for you. Keep reading to find out more about the radio show and to get links to listen in.

Show on Dave Pratt Live, hosted by Therese Paul M.S., RD, CPC. New programs air every Saturday at 3 pm PST. Therese Paul is a well recognized expert in the broad field of Health and Wellness. She is a nationally Registered Dietitian with a Master’s degree in Nutrition and a Certified Personal Coach. Her targeted demographic is people who are actively interested in a healthy lifestyle. She produces an entertaining and informative look at critical health and wellness issues of today.

“If you’ve tried any of the hundreds of fad diets or quick lifestyle changes out there, you know that short term fixes and fad diets don’t work and people are tired of wasting good money and feeling miserable.  Improving health requires behavior change – but it’s one easy step at a time. Many, many people are learning how to make these changes from Therese’s words of wisdom on nutrition and fitness, emotional and financial health, and spiritual wellness.”

Health Conspiracy Blog Guest Speaks on the Show:  Show Aired 6/13/15

Exercise is Medicine: Using Physical Activity to Treat & Prevent Disease

Expert Guest: Breanna Reeser, MHI, Exercise Physiologist and Exercise is Medicine Practitioner

Information Covered in this Show:

  • Why is the “Exercise Is Medicine” initiative so important today?

  • What is actually happening to our bodies when we don’t exercise? Do we stay the same?

  • Already diagnosed with a chronic disease such as Diabetes or Heart Disease? Is it too late to get started?

  • Common misconceptions about exercise.

  • How long does it take for exercise to make an impact on our health?

  • The best type of exercise.

  • Tips on getting started or restarted with an exercise regimen.

  • Safety tips to prevent injury when exercising.

  • Where to find a qualified professional in exercise to help achieve your goals.

Find it and listen at

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