Summer is fast approaching and vacation time is just around the corner. How do you plan to stay healthy during the business and leisure of travel you have planned this season? If you are like most, this has not crossed your mind, but if you are traveling with a chronic condition this question may plague you or even keep you from enjoying a vacation all together. If you do decide to hit the road, the last thing you want to feel when you return is regret. Don’t regret the weight you put on, the work you did in running around due to poor planning, or the illness you came back with from vacation. Instead, follow our tips to keep you in tip-top shape for your trip!

 How to stay healthy with vacation travel:

  1. Pre Plan and Pack smart! If you are traveling long distances in a car or an airplane, choose healthy snacks that won’t break the bank or leave you at risk for making an unhealthy food choice on the go. If you are traveling by car, make nutrition fun by choosing new healthy places to eat along the way.
  2. Make health a cornerstone of your vacation planning. Stay in a hotel with a pool to swim laps or a gym to get a sweat session in before your fun activities. Pack your running shoes, your gym clothes, a lightweight jump rope, and your favorite work out playlist. Make exercise fun by looking for drop-in classes to attend as a part of the vacation itinerary. I love visiting new yoga studios on vacation as a way to keep my energy balanced and my vacation stress-free. 
  3. Hydrate! No matter where you go, traveling can cause dehydration. Whether it is from disrupted routine, stale cabin air in the plane, alcohol, or extra sun, dehydration will limit your fun. Dehydration can cause headaches, pre-dispose you to illness, and make you feel sluggish. Specifically, commit to drinking water and keep each other accountable to take advantage of all your vacation has to offer. 

For more healthy travel tips, head over to and talk to a healthy travel consultant that may be able to help you plan your perfect healthy get-away.

How to Manage a Chronic Condition with Vacation Travel: 

Traveling with a chronic condition is a whole different beast. I came across this article on traveling with diabetes has great tips to manage chronic conditions on vacation that you do not want to miss. To read the full article, “Do You or Your Travel Partner Suffer From Diabetes? Here’s What You Need to Know When Traveling Domestically”, head over to MillionMile Secrets at

  1. Researching pharmacies in the area you will be traveling to prior to departure
  2. Accounting for time zone changes with a medication schedule
  3. Traveling with healthy snacks, especially important for diabetics 
  4. Always store your medications in your carry-on luggage, NOT your checked bags!

It is also important to take a picture of your RX bottles in case they become lost and you can’t get ahold of your doctor or home pharmacy for the prescriptions. Where ever you go and whatever you do, take time to think about a health strategy for your trip, It will save you the hassle of dealing with illness on the go and will give you the peace of mind to travel well.