If you took all the energy you put toward hating your body and instead directed toward changing it you would be amazed at the results!

Fox News recently reported on the best ways to lose weight and found that dieting does not work! Shocking I know. What they mean is that changing your diet for just a few days or weeks does not work. Neither does exercising for just a few days or weeks.

What does work is long-term lifestyle changes? The article titled “Losing weight: Lifestyle changes trump any diet” says that lifestyle change is three-pronged and includes dietary counseling, exercise counseling, and behavioral modifications. I would say they hit the nail on the head. Check out the full article from Fox News HERE

As a recap:

  • Eat real food, stop when your satisfied and before you feel full
  • Drink a lot of water
  • Do moderate to vigorous cardiovascular exercises like walking, biking or swimming for 150-300 minutes a week, achieved through sessions of 10 minute or more.

Put it into practice and make it a lifestyle!